Where Nature and Technology Meet

At Sensei Farms, we align technology with the environment to protect and preserve natural resources, while optimizing how we grow food. Merging agriculture and innovation to achieve sustainable farming practices allows us to grow delicious and fresh fruits and vegetables.



Our Vision

With the shared vision to improve human nutrition while preserving the world's natural resources, Larry Ellison and Dr. David Agus founded
Sensei Farms.

Our Commitment

Growing More with Less

Our greenhouses use less water and take up less space than traditional farms, while maximizing flavor and freshness.

Achieving Climate Compatibility

Whether we're growing fruits or vegetables, our goal is to deliver fresh produce efficiently and sustainably in any environment.

Harvesting at Peak Ripeness

Our fresh produce is grown year-round and picked at the peak of ripeness to deliver high quality and great taste.


Sustainably Grown

By combining our technological capabilities with a deep appreciation for nature, we can create a brighter future for humanity.

Learn More About Our Sustainability Efforts

Become part of the Sensei Farms story and discover the fresh produce at your local store. Learn more about our products in each of our two farm locations.

Our team is passionate about changing the world of agriculture for the better. Be part of a growing company, and join our mission to reinvent the way we grow our food.